Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure if teaching is for me. Can I "try" teaching before enrolling in the MAT program?
Yes. EKU offers the Try Teachingprogram that allows you to spend one or two weeks in a K-12 classroom, at no cost, to see if you really want to make the career change.

If I am accepted to EKU's Graduate School, am I automatically accepted in the M.A.T. program?
No. An applicant must complete both the Graduate School application requirements and the MAT program requirements to be considered for admission to the MAT program.

Should I take the PRAXIS CASE exam OR the GRE for admission to the MAT program?
That depends on your undergraduate GPA.  Please review the admission criteria for more details.  As part of the transcript review process, an academic advisor will help you determine the correct admission exams. The Praxis CASE is a pre-professional skills test similar in form to the ACT.  The fee for the Praxis CASE is $130. The fee for the GRE is $160.  Either exam may be scheduled by visiting

What is the PRAXIS II exam and why do I have to take it?
The PRAXIS II exams are national standardized tests for teacher certification. Passing scores on the PRAXIS II exams are required by the state of Kentucky in order to become a certified teacher. Please refer to specific PRAXIS requirements listed under the middle and secondary M.A.T. application requirements.

Applicants ONLY take the Praxis II content exam(s) for admission. Some content areas have one exam, others have two exams. Check here for specific requirements.  Applicants DO NOT need to take the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam (PLT) for admission. This exam will be taken at the END of the MAT program in order to earn teacher certification.

When are the MAT courses offered?
MAT professional core courses are offered 100% online.  Content area coursework is available either online or in a hybrid format. As this is a teacher licensure program, clinical preparation is required.  EKU's College of Education contracts with districts throughout Kentucky and nationally to arrange clinical placements and mentorship plans.  You can anticipate spending a minimum of 200 hours in assigned classrooms during your degree program prior to a full semester of student teaching.  Option 6 candidates in Kentucky are eligible to count work experience for required clinical experiences.

Can I teach while I am a student in the MAT program?
After admission to the program and completion of EGC 820, candidates can work as temporary provisionally certified teachers (Rank III – Option 6) for up to 3 years while they remain actively enrolled in the MAT program.

Can I work at a job other than teaching in the MAT program?
The MAT program is a demanding graduate program, but candidates have been able to fit their work schedules around their clinical placements and coursework. 

All candidates must complete the student teaching practicum. During this semester-long practicum, the MAT candidate is a "student teacher" and must report to their assigned public school during regular school hours Monday through Friday.  Special arrangements are made for MAT candidates that are teaching full-time with temporary provisional certification so that they can meet the MAT program requirements within their regular teaching duties.

What are the tuition costs at Eastern Kentucky University?

The EKU Online MAT tuition rate for 2015-2016 is $500 per credit hour.

What kind of financial aid is available for MAT candidates?
At this time, there are no scholarships specifically for MAT candidates. But EKU's Financial Aid office can provide guidance in applying for general scholarships and financial aid. Additional scholarships may be available through the College of Education.  

Graduate assistantships are also available; application information is available from the Graduate School.

Is there a research component in the M.A.T. program?
Yes. MAT candidates must complete an action research project. Candidates will write a proposal for this project in their first MAT course, refine their proposal prior to their practicum and conduct research during their practicum. In the last course of the degree, the MAT candidate will write their final research report and present their findings to a graduate committee.

What if I already hold a Master's and/or Doctorate degree in my content area? Can I get teaching certification without getting an additional Master's degree?
The MAT admission committee can review your education and may be able to recommend a certification-only program. Please contact Kim Alexander, Alternative Certification Specialist, at (859) 622-1828 or certification.alternative_routes@eku.edufor more details.

After I earn teacher certification through the MAT program, can I teach in a state other than Kentucky?
Yes. Kentucky teacher certification can be transferred to other states through reciprocity agreements with state teacher certification agencies. Requirements vary from state to state. Check the specific requirements of the state to which you already live or may wish to move.